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Contractors' acceptance and observance of these rules is required as a condition of operating in this facility.

The following rules and regulations are an extension of the Use License Agreement and are designed to give the Licensee a clear and descriptive outline of the responsibilities and operational guidelines of the Cabarrus Arena & Events Center.

USE LICENSE AGREEMENT DEPOSIT AND RETURN   Use License Agreements are due, along with the specified deposit, on or before the due date stated on the last page of the Use License Agreement. Failure to return the Use License Agreement by this date will render the Use License Agreement null and void, thus releasing the event date for the use of other patrons.

PAYMENT POLICY   All charges outstanding to the Cabarrus Arena & Events Center at the conclusion of the event are payable ten days following the receipt of an invoice in settlement of the event.

Accounts remaining unpaid after thirty (30) days will be subject to a finance charge on the outstanding balance. Accounts remaining unpaid after ninety (90) days will be submitted to an attorney for legal action. Accounts past due may be restricted from any future reservations until the outstanding balance is satisfied.

SERVICES PROVIDED AS A PART OF BASIC RENTAL   The Cabarrus Arena & Events Center will provide the basic facility for the Licensee's use, including such as normal custodial service and utilities as further described in this section.

  • UTILITIES: During the operating hours of the event, the Cabarrus Arena will supply the premises with the amounts of general lighting, ventilation and heating or air-conditioning as required for the comfort and safety of the occupants during show hours. During move-in, lighting, heating and/or air may be scaled back depending on the circumstances. The extent of lighting, heating and/or air on move-in day and time is at the sole discretion of the Cabarrus Arena & Events Center General Manager. Unique requirements for these standard services shall be made known to the Cabarrus Arena Manager no less than thirty (30) days in advance.
  • HOUSEKEEPING will be provided for all areas addressed in the Use License Agreement in a clean condition for the commencement of the Use License Agreement period. During the event, the Cabarrus Arena will supply cleaning personnel for the facility and shall keep clean and supply the restroom and toilet facilities at a cost to the Licensee at the custodian labor rate specified in this document. If one or more exhibitors produce extra amounts of debris requiring extra or special housekeeping services, the Licensee shall pay the published labor and equipment rates for performing such services. Should a need exist for extraordinary garbage collection services, the added cost of these services will be charged to the Licensee. The Cabarrus Arena will provide cleaning services at the close of the event to restore the facility to a clean condition at the custodian labor rate specified in this document, providing that the condition of the building shows only ordinary wear and tear and a reasonable amount of debris.

Services for exhibit areas for which carpeting has been rented or provided must be requested from the Licensee's decorator. Carpet vacuuming by the Cabarrus Arena will be limited to public foyers, meeting rooms, and other non-exhibit areas.

SETTLEMENT OF TICKETED EVENTS   The Cabarrus Arena will pay any net proceeds due from ticket receipts less rent and all other charges on the closing night of the event, if advance arrangements have been made, or on the next business day after the conclusion of the event as standard practice.

DATE PROTECTION POLICY   The Cabarrus Arena & Events Center, in the best interest of all potential building users, reserves the right to maintain a reasonable time period between similar types of shows (exhibits, sport shows, sales, family events, musical productions, etc.). It is the intent of the Cabarrus Arena & Events Center to invoke this time separation as a means of insuring the success of all events held in this facility.

FLOOR PLANS / EQUIPMENT AND SERVICE REQUESTS   The Cabarrus Arena & Events Center offers a wide array of equipment and services that may be utilized by the Licensee. Use of these services and equipment, at the Licensee's request and expense, may be arranged with the Event Coordinator. The Licensee agrees to give the Event Coordinator at least thirty (30) days written notice as to said personnel and equipment requirements. In addition, a full and detailed outline of the facilities is required, including the floor set-up must be provided to the Cabarrus Arena Event Coordinator at least thirty (30) days prior to the event.

Substantial changes made in set-ups within the final week prior to the event may result in additional charges for labor.  Substantial changes in set-ups made less than 24 hours prior to the event will result in additional charges for labor.

SECURITY   The Cabarrus Arena will provide, at the Licensee's expense, such security personnel, as may be determined necessary by the Cabarrus Arena General Manager. A complete schedule, showing the times of access (and by whom) to the building must be furnished to the Cabarrus Arena General Manager at least thirty (30) days prior to the event. The Licensee is encouraged to request, at his/her expense, additional security services (i.e. overnight) that are specific to the needs of his event.

All security guards must be provided through Cabarrus Arena & Events Center. To schedule security, contact the Cabarrus Arena Event Coordinator. The Event Coordinator must be notified of any security needs. Security must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance of event date.

FIRE MARSHAL / RESTRICTED SUBSTANCES   As a major public facility, safety codes and fire regulations are necessary concerns. For this reason, all floor plans are subject to approval by the Fire Marshal having jurisdiction. Use of public foyers for purposes other than registration and lounging is strictly prohibited. Under no circumstances may a fire exit in the building be blocked in any way during an event. The Cabarrus Arena will periodically inspect the fire exits and Licensees found violating this policy will immediately clear the exit and face fines and may be prohibited from using the facility to book future events.

The Cabarrus Arena Management and the Fire Marshal must be advised in advance of any flammable liquids or gases that a Licensee, or an exhibitor, wish to bring into the building, not less than thirty (30) days prior to any scheduled event. If such substances are considered a risk to the health and well being of the public, access may be denied or restricted to use under special safety conditions as established by the Fire Marshal. Under no circumstances will propane, butane, or LP gases be permitted in the facility.

If Lasers are to be used, they must be manufactured and operated under United States Food and Drug Administration Compliance Policy Guide Statement #22. The Variance Number, as issued by the United States Food and Drug Administration Center for Devices and its expiration date shall be supplied to the Cabarrus Arena’s General Manager and to the Fire Marshal not less than thirty (30) days prior o any scheduled event.

Licensees wishing to display motor vehicles in the building must abide by safety guidelines established by the Fire Marshal. The Cabarrus Arena will periodically inspect vehicles brought into the facility and Licensees caught violating these guidelines will face fines and may be prohibited from using the facility to book future events. Copies of these guidelines are available upon request from the Cabarrus Arena’s Event Coordinator. Batteries must be disconnected and gas tanks must be no more than ¼ full at any time.

In addition, Firework Permits will not have to be filed with the North Carolina State Fire Marshal's Office for events being held at our complex. However, local fire officials require that a copy of the pyrotechnics technician's license and a full description and layout of the display be forwarded to the Cabarrus Arena’s Event Coordinator as soon as it is available.

INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS   Licensee is responsible for meeting all insurance requirements per the Use License Agreement. A certificate of insurance showing required coverage must be delivered to the Cabarrus Arena Administrative Office at least thirty (30) days before the event date. Failure to provide proof of insurance coverage within this time period will render the Use License Agreement null and void.

DECORATIONS   No decorations are allowed to be affixed to any glass surface in the facility. No self-adhering decorations are permitted on any surface. On surfaces other than glass, decorations may only be applied with masking tape. Licensee may apply decorations only in those rooms rented and may not include hallways, lobby areas, restrooms, or any other non-licensed areas.

Any type of tape that is intended to be applied to the floor (including any brand of double-faced carpet tape) must be approved in advance by the Event Coordinator. Licensees are forewarned that many brands of double-faced and single-faced tape is not easily removed and the cost for this clean up, which can be substantial, will be billed back to the Licensee.

Following the close of the event, the Licensee must remove all decorations and tape and place these into waste receptacles. The Cabarrus Arena will remove any decorations or tape remaining from the event at the custodian labor rate specified in this document.

Under no circumstances may Licensees staple decorations into any tables owned by the Cabarrus Arena.

Any damage to walls, floors, windows, or any other surface or furnishing due to decorations applied will be corrected at the expense of the Licensee.

SIGNAGE   Any signs on the Cabarrus Arena premises, inside or outside, must have the approval of the Cabarrus Arena & Events Center’s General Manager as to size, number, quality, content, location and method of hanging. By such permission, however, the Cabarrus Arena does not accept any responsibility in any manner for content. The Cabarrus Arena will remove at the Licensee’s expense any unauthorized signs. No self-adhering signs are permitted on any surface. The method for hanging signs must conform to the instructions under "DECORATIONS".

CATERING   The Cabarrus Arena strictly prohibits the carrying in of food and beverage items. This restriction includes individual exhibitors carrying in food and beverages for meals and/or snacks during show hours. All food and drink services must be provided by either the Cabarrus Arena's authorized Concessionaire or the Cabarrus Arena's on-premises Food and Beverage Department.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES   No beer, wine or liquor of any kind or character shall be sold or brought onto the premises by the Licensee or its agents, sub-Licensee, exhibitors, or employees. Beer, wine and liquor shall be available only through the Cabarrus Arena’s authorized food & beverage provider, SAVOR, who has a valid liquor license covering the premises.

SMOKING POLICY   The Cabarrus Arena & Events Center is operated as a smoke free facility. Licensee shall abide by this policy and enforce this policy whenever necessary. Lessor shall have the right to intervene if this policy is not maintained and take whatever actions necessary to preserve the smoke free environment. This policy includes the use of electronic cigarettes and other smoking devices.

HELIUM BALLOONS   The use of helium balloons is prohibited in the Cabarrus Arena Atrium (Lobby) and the Gold Halls 1 and 2. Helium balloons may be used, however, in the Cabarrus Arena, Event Center and Cabarrus Rooms. For helium balloons used in a prohibited area, their removal by Cabarrus Arena personnel will be billed to the Licensee at the rate of $50.00 per hour.

SALE OR DISTRIBUTION OF NOVELTIES, CONCESSIONS, OR SAMPLES ON PREMISES   In the event that the Licensee or his exhibitors wish to sell items on premises, the sales will be subject to a commission to Cabarrus Arena. The only circumstances not subject to commission are: (a) the sale or distribution of merchandise from exhibit booths at private trade shows where the items sold or distributed are directly related to the business of the exhibitor, and (b) the sale of items at a public trade show that are the reason for the event to be held (i.e. the sale of collectibles at an antique show). The latter example does not apply to concerts where records, tapes, books, etc. are sold as novelty items. In that case, the sale of such items is certainly secondary to the event and therefore not exempt.

In the event that the "business" of an exhibitor is related to food service, samples distributed will conform to the following guidelines:

Solid foods will be limited to "bite size".
Liquids will be limited to no larger than a 4-ounce cup.
Ice cream or frozen desserts are considered liquid.

To download a copy of the exhibitor/vendor sampling application, contact the Food & Beverage Manager at 704.920.3968 or visit the food & beverage section of our website.

Only companies who manufacture the sample product or use said product in the day to day process of doing business are permitted to bring in their own samples. All other exhibitors will purchase said food or beverage from the SAVOR...Cabarrus at a cost plus 20% basis.

Licensees wishing to sell any items or wishing to receive approval for unusual circumstances relating to these concessions should contact the SAVOR...Cabarrus. All arrangements for sales must be made in advance with the SAVOR...Cabarrus or such privilege will be denied.

FOOD/PRODUCT DISTRIBUTION AND PERMITS Any exhibitor displaying or selling any type of food/beverage items must apply for the appropriate licenses and/or permits from the Environmental Services Department of the Health Alliance at least thirty (30) days prior to your show date. Failure to have the appropriate licenses/permits will result in the termination of your exhibit and/or restrictions from the sale and distribution of your food or beverage items.  Contact the Cabarrus Arena Food & Beverage Manager should you require assistance.

ADVERTISING/PROMOTION REGULATIONS   In any advertising involving events held at the Cabarrus Arena & Events Center, the following are the correct and preferred facility titles:

Cabarrus Arena
Cabarrus Arena & Events Center

Licensee shall use the Facility’s logo (the “Facility Logo”) in all advertising controlled by or done on behalf of Licensee relating to an Event, including, but not limited to, television, internet, newspaper, magazine, and outdoor advertising.  Licensee’s right to use the Facility Logo shall be limited to the specific, express purpose set forth in the foregoing sentence and/or as otherwise authorized by SMG in writing prior to the use thereof.  In connection with Licensee’s use of the Facility Logo as permitted in this Section 14(o), Licensee shall use only the form of the Facility Logo as provided by SMG to Licensee in any artwork or other depiction thereof.

PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS/DISTRIBUTION POLICY   The following points summarize policies of the Cabarrus Arena & Events Center regarding promotional materials, product distribution and the like. Any questions regarding these policies may be directed to the General Manager.

All media vehicles (radio and television) must be parked in legitimate parking spaces in the general parking lot.

No unauthorized materials (this includes but is not limited to product and/or promotional literature or product samples) are to be distributed in the parking lot areas or in any common spaces of the Cabarrus Arena property. To obtain information regarding authorization of promotional materials, please contact the Cabarrus Arena’s General Manager.

Authorized materials must be distributed within designated areas only. Materials authorized by promoters for show distribution must be distributed within the show area. Authorized materials distributed by qualified media or advertising representatives must be distributed in assigned areas only. The Cabarrus Arena General Manager will assign areas.

No soliciting is allowed in the Cabarrus Arena Lobby or in front of the Lobby doors at any time.

FORKLIFT/GOLF CART RESTRICTIONS   The use of forklifts and golf carts are restricted from all lobby and carpeted areas. If motor vehicles are to be placed on the carpet, the promoter/Licensee is responsible for taking the necessary steps to protect the Cabarrus Arena's carpet. Any damages incurred to the carpet and cost to repair it, will become the liability of the promoter/Licensee. All forklift operators must be certified to operate forklifts on the Cabarrus Arena's property. Thirty (30) days prior to your show date(s), proof of your operator's certification must be provided to the Cabarrus Arena Management.

RESIDUAL MATTERS   Any matters not expressly covered by the Use License Agreement or these “Use Guidelines” adopted by the Cabarrus Arena & Events Center shall be determined by the Cabarrus Arena’s General Manager at his discretion.

The contents of the Use Guidelines are hereby incorporated into the Use License Agreement by reference. SMG reserves the right to make reasonable changes to the Use Guidelines in writing from time to time.

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Phone: 704/920-3976
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